Bio Dental Health

Bio Dental Health

You are in charge.

We aim to provide you with the information you need to make the best and most informed choices about your oral health care. This includes both conventional and biological options. Only you can decide which treatment path makes most sense with respect to your needs, values, resources and beliefs. We would be honored to be a help to you along the path you ultimately choose.

Biological dentistry combines the techniques used in traditional dentistry . Our biological dentist recognizes the link between oral health and that of the entire body. Diseases and toxic materials that exist in the mouth can negatively impact systems throughout the body. For instance, amalgam has been the traditional material used in fillings to replace decay in the tooth. Amalgam is avoided by our biological dentist because of its mercury content, along with other metals, which are considered to be toxic.

Dangers of Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings, or silver fillings, are composed of 50 percent mercury. Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element found on the planet. Research published on the effects of mercury has shown that it is even more toxic than lead, arsenic or cadmium. Just as dental health is an important part of any individual’s overall health, using nontoxic and systemically compatible materials to perform dental work is an important factor in creating a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Bio Compatible Material

Eram Bio Dental uses Biocompatible materials in dental treatments. Such materials do not provoke an immune response or irritate existing tissues. As a matter of fact they coexist with the body’s natural systems and promote health and well-being. Our dental office uses bio compatible dental material whenever possible to ensure the safest, healthiest dental treatments.

In the past, dental amalgam and metals such as gold were popular to restore teeth. While these restorations were strong and durable, they were not without risk. Dental amalgam contains a high level of mercury while metal crowns tended to stain and discolor gums. Our clinic offers restorations usingbio compatible dental material, which has a low risk of health complications and adverse events.

One of the most common materials we use is composite resin. Composite resin is a bio compatible dental material that our clinic may use to restore minor damage on teeth. It blends beautifully with your own natural teeth so is often considered a more attractive restoration. Biologic clinics use no mercury or other problematic materials to treat teeth. For example we use mercury free fillings in all our tooth fillings.

Is Porcelain Bio Compatible?

Porcelain is another bio compatible dental material that we use in our Clinic. We can restore teeth using porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges or veneers. Each of these restorations changes, improves or strengthens teeth without interfering with your dental or physical health. For example. Our clinic may use porcelain veneers to fix crooked teeth or to transform your smile. Porcelain veneers are bio compatible and will not cause irritation, inflammation or an immune response. Finally, we use titanium to restore lost teeth. Titanium dental implants are a popular holistic approach to replace the natural roots of a lost tooth. The titanium can fuses with the living bone tissue in the socket. It can creates a new support for the prosthetic tooth, which is generally made of porcelain. Eram Bio Dental health only uses bio compatible materials,. Therefore, we can protect and preserve your dental health and give you a beautiful, strong smile.

What Is the Focus of biological Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry focuses on dental techniques that advance patients’ overall well-being. Biological dentistry places a premium on less toxic materials and less invasive procedures:

“Biological dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural and less toxic life.We bridge the gap between, conventional clinical dentistry and natural healing.”

Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry, is based on the concept that the mouth and oral structures are an integrated part of the body.

Biological dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural and less toxic life. We bridge the gap between, conventional clinical dentistry and natural healing modalities.

We recognize that the mouth is connected to the body and that it cannot be viewed as an independent system. It is a reflection of the overall health of the body and much can be done to impact it both positively and negatively.

The basic principles of Biological Dentistry:

  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials.
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (bite problem and physical imbalance)
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis.

So, what is so different from regular Dentistry?

Eram Bio Dental also make fillings, take x-rays and use anaesthesia to numb your teeth. However we only use mercury-free white restorations. More importantly, we take extra precaution when removing your old silver fillings to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor.

In Biological dentistry we minimize your exposure to toxic substances in every area of our work. Therefore we use a digital computer generated x-ray unit to take your x-rays which reduces your exposure to radiation by as much as 70%.