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Dentalhygiene & Prevention


The best way to enjoy a healthy smile is to prevent common complications. Our prophylaxis team is committed to helping you achieve lasting healthy teeth.

Network of Organism

The tissues of the periodontium are very well supplied with blood. This allows the bacteria present in the oral flora quick and direct access to the blood vessel system.

Numerous studies show that these oral bacteria can also have an effect in distant organs. Untreated periodontitis carries the risk of cardiovascular diseases (e.g. arteriosclerosis, endocarditis), metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

The immune system reacts to periodontitis with a reaction involving numerous defence cells and messenger substances of the inflammatory process. If the inflammatory process is not treated, the human organism is considerably weakened (permanent activation of the immune system). This also explains that before extensive operations like implantations etc. the existing inflammations have to be treated first. Thus, the condition of a normal, healthy oral flora is achieved and the way is paved for permanent dental reconstructions and an unstressed immune system.

Combination Selfcare and Eram Dental Hygiene

With your involvement in appropriate prophylactic measures, you can achieve a reduction of general disease risks in addition to the local, oral effects. A long-term concept of targeted individual oral hygiene and regular professional tooth cleaning is an essential contribution to your health.

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