Digital X-rays & Intraoral Camera

Digital X-rays & Intraoral Camera

Digital x-rays use a sensor in place of film. That sensor is connected to a computer, making the image immediately visible on the screen. Because the sensor is so sensitive, a minimal amount of radiation is needed to see the picture, meaning less radiation exposure to you. Also, no dangerous chemicals are needed to develop digital x-rays, making them more biologically and environmentally friendly.

Intra-Oral Camera is a tool used to record videos and take still snapshots of your mouth. This provides us with a way to visually communicate your oral condition to you. We know it is much easier to understand what is happening with your health if you can see the problem for yourself, firsthand.

At Eram Dental Health Clinic, our Patients benefit from a full digital treatment, for a more biologically, healthier and more detailed examination.

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