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Improve Your Smile – Bio-compatibly & Beautifully with Invisalign

Crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic drawback. A misaligned bite has real health consequences.

It can contribute to TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction, headaches and other pain, especially in the head, neck, shoulders and back. It can lead to clenching and bruxing (grinding) habits, gum recession, tooth sensitivity, uneven wear and breakage. Oral habits you develop to compensate can even fuel problems with allergies, congestion and breathing difficulties, including sleep apnea.

In short, straight teeth and a properly aligned bite support good physical health.

And yes, they look nice, too.

For years, we were reluctant to use stainless steel/nickel brackets to straighten teeth. The body of literature on toxicity, oral galvanism and other traumatic reactions was too big to ignore. At the same time, some balked at the bad aesthetics of metal and the potential discomfort. Cost was another concern.

So the introduction of “invisible,” biocompatible teeth straightening systems was a huge blessing – for our office and patients alike!

While there are now several systems available, we choose Invisalign for its superior fit, function and durability, as well as its broad biocompatibility. It consists of a series of thin, clear appliances that are custom-designed by computer to fit snugly around your teeth, gently guiding them into proper alignment. Not only are they invisible to others; you barely feel them yourself.

Even better, the aligners help protect your bite – just like a splint or night guard.

The only people more thrilled with Invisalign results than we are? Our patients who’ve gained beautiful, healthy smiles thanks to this technology.

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