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Prothetic is generally understood in dentistry as the replacement of teeth. We also help you back to a radiantly beautiful and healthy smile.

Not only do people feel missing teeth as a blemish, they are also a disadvantage in everyday life. Modern treatment methods and materials provide a remedy: for a nice and functional denture. High-quality prosthetics forms the framework of our activities in the dental practice Eram Dental. And for good reason, because only in the perfect interaction of the different departments of implantology and prosthetics results in an aesthetic treatment result. Therefore, we attach particular importance to long-lasting restorative materials that have been successfully tested in clinical trials.

Eram Dental Health Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in offering fixed and removable dentures:

Fixed dentures
  • inlays / onlays / partial crowns
  • Crowns and bridge supplies
  • adhesive prosthetics
  • implants and implant prosthetics
  • veneers
  • Total renovation / Total reconstruction

Inlays / onlays / partial crowns

If a tooth is damaged, all-ceramic inlays or larger defect onlays (partial crowns) can completely replace the lost tooth substance and stabilize the tooth.

Adhesive prosthetics

In adhesive prosthetics, we replace missing teeth with glued restorations. This particularly gentle method is suitable for the aesthetic replacement of missing anterior teeth. Especially adolescent patients, for whom implantation due to jaw growth is not yet possible, benefit from this treatment.

Crowns / Bridges

Received with severe tooth damage.


All-ceramic crowns are our standard supplies here.

Advantages of the full ceramic crown:

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Durable durability and stability.
  • High accuracy of fit and very good biocompatibility


Are a stuck option for replacing one or more teeth. Differences are the switching and the free-end bridge. The switching bridge consists of two interconnected crowned teeth, which “carry” the missing tooth between them. In the Freiendbrücke the last two teeth are used before a gap as a bridge pier, the bridge body then projects into the gap.

Bridges consist of a stable framework and a ceramic veneer. High-performance ceramics or metal alloys are used as framework materials.


Veneers are wafer-thin ceramics veneers, which are adhesively attached to the teeth. They are known agents for improving dental aesthetics. They also serve as partial replacement of teeth.

Removable dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • Hybrid dentures
  • Teleskopparothesen
  • Model cast dentures / partial dentures

Complete dentures

Under a total denture is meant the complete replacement of teeth, the so-called 3rd teeth, using plastic teeth and a base plate without anchoring to teeth or underlying implants. Even in this day and age, there are still a not insignificant number of people who have lost all their teeth. Depending on the duration of edentulism, whether only briefly or already over years, the jawbone is broken down differently, as it lacks feedback on remaining tooth roots.

Basically, we want our own fixed teeth. Often this goal can be achieved in the toothless by the targeted use of implants. However, if the bony bearing has diminished to such an extent that there are also large soft-tissue defects or if underlying medical conditions and risk factors make implantation impossible, a complete denture can also offer advantages over fixed work.

Hybrid dentures

Removable work especially hybrid prostheses are still in modern times a part of modern dentistry. Depending on the case, removable dental prostheses meet the highest aesthetic standards, comfort and safety in everyday life.

In hybrid dentures, both teeth and implants are used to anchor the removable denture. Thus, especially in the upper jaw, if desired, the covering of the palate with concomitant reduction in taste can be.

Telescopic Dentures

If there are only a few teeth left in the oral cavity and we decide on a removable solution after consultation, a telescopic prosthesis can be a very good alternative to a fixed solution. This form of prosthesis feels like a removable bridge and usually omits completely on a gingival shield and the associated covering of the palate. In addition, the remaining teeth do not need root treatment.

Chrome dentures / partial dentures

Cast partial dentures have been used for decades to replace with simple means without surgical effort teeth in the partial dentition patient. Advantages are the low price, the expandability if more teeth are lost and the renunciation of surgical intervention. For this it is possible that depending on the position in the mouth the silvery clamps become visible when laughing.

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