Aesthetic In Perfection

Introducing Aesthetics at Eram Dental Health Clinic

After many months of careful curation and recruting the very best doctors for facial aesthetics, aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery, we are delighted to announce the introduction of aesthetic treatments here at Eram Dental Health Clinic.

At Eram Dental Health Clinic we consistently strive for excellence in all that we do – naturally the next chapter of our journey was to offer world class facial aesthetic treatments to accompany our world-class aesthetic dentistry.

We believe that self-confidence comes from self-care; and that it’s not always about looking beautiful, but rather about being happy.​ We know that the services we offer positively impact a person’s overall wellbeing, because we witness it everyday.

At Eram Dental Health Clinic we are proud to offer exceptional treatment experiences in:

Anti wrinkle treatments

Glabellar Lines
Whole forehead (incl. frown line Crow’s feet)
Forehead and crow’s feet 
Masticatory muscle correction (masseter relax)
Hyperhidrosis (armpit)

Combined Anti wrinkle treatments

Anti Wrinkle 2 facial zones (frown line & eye area)
Anti Wrinkle 3 facial zones (forehead, frown line, crow’s feet)
Anti Wrinkle whole face (except masticatory muscle)


Nasolabial folds
Cheek augmentation
Chin augmentation
Lip injections
Lower jawline contouring
Hyaluronidase (dissolution of hyaluronic acid)
Filler & Anti Wrinkle Combination


Upper eyelid
Lower eyelid
Combination Upper/lower eyelid

Facial Treatments

Buckle Fat Removal