A healthy smile begins with a child.

Filling Therapy

Eram Dental Health Clinic is prophylaxis-oriented and attaches great importance to thorough dental care. However, it can always happen that one or more teeth get sick in your child. With a regular check-up, we can counteract this at an early stage or limit the damage caused by caries, so that we, as parents, would like to recommend that your child visit the dentist regularly.

If a children’s tooth is diseased, it is essential to remove the caries and then fill the affected area. If you leave carious teeth, the caries bacteria spread more and more and can also infect the permanent teeth. When removing the diseased tooth substance, we proceed particularly gently and gently in order to maintain as much healthy tooth substance as possible. We then restore the damaged tooth with the help of filling materials. We offer both cement fillings and fillings made of plastic to meet your visual requirements.

Your child does not have to be afraid of the procedure, because our empathic dentists ensure that they feel as little of the treatment as possible. We are happy to play your child’s favorite film or music during the treatment – so your child can relax a little and the procedure is over faster than expected. We will also find a suitable treatment solution for your dentist in Zurich as your pediatric dentist and, with our trained team, ensure sensitive and particularly gentle care.

Treatments under the influence of nitrous oxide, under sedation or under general anesthesia enable an almost fearless and painless dental experience.