Healthy teeth for your Childern.

Gnashing of Teeth

Similar teeth grinding, tongue and cheek biting or clenching of teeth can occur in both adults and children. These phenomena are most frequently observed with the eruption of the first teeth. Affected children and adolescents complain of jaw pain, muscle tension or discomfort. In addition to these painful symptoms, sooner or later the grinding of teeth leads to the loss of valuable tooth substance.

If you know that your child suffers from teeth grinding, we advise you to consult your paediatric dentist. As your paediatric dentist in Zurich, we will examine your child’s teeth for already gnashed tooth substance and look for muscle tensions. A transparent plastic splint, which we make individually for your child, can be worn at night and prevent further healthy tooth substance from being chipped away.

In addition, we examine the cause of the nightly grinding – often a malposition of the teeth is behind it. Stress and external pressure can also cause teeth grinding.

With our preventive and therapeutic measures against teeth grinding we can restore the well-being of your child!