A healthy smile begins with a child.

Sealing The Teeth

All teeth with a surface with furrows and dimples are particularly susceptible to caries due to these niches. Bacteria and food residues collect there, which cannot be reached even with the toothbrush.

We, your pediatric dentist in Zurich, provide your child’s teeth with professional seals that offer effective caries prevention for many years. The gaps in the tooth are closed in such a way that plaque can no longer settle.

Before we seal teeth, we check the health of the teeth, the so-called tooth status. If there is already tooth decay, it is gently removed. The resulting defect is then sealed with a plastic. With healthy teeth we can seal without further treatment steps. Tooth sealing, in the case of healthy teeth there is also talk of preventive fissure sealing, can be done in a few minutes. However, if a major tooth defect is discovered, the hole in the tooth must first be treated with filling therapy. A so-called therapeutic fissure sealing can then be carried out.

Although we carefully process a seal, parts of the seal can be lost over time due to wear. With each inspection visit we check the condition of the seal and, if necessary, renew or supplement the existing seal.

A seal is highly recommended to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay.