Current Situation

The Federal Council still categorises the situation in Switzerland as extraordinary under the terms of the Epidemics Act. It issued a series of measures aimed at protecting the population, which are now gradually being eased.

Eram Dental Health Clinic follows strictly the rules from the  Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and is in daily contact with the Healthy Ministry from the State of Zurich.

It is our absolut priority to compliance with the hygiene standart given by the FOPH for the saftey of our patients and our staff.

Activities at Eram Dental Health Clinic

1. Hygiene

  • Strict adherence to personal and dental hygiene measures.
  • For protection reason, our staff wears all day long, hygiene masks.
  • No Newspapers/Magazins are in the waiting room area.
  • No beverages can be offered in the waiting room area.
  • Hourly disinfection of all door handles and surfaces in the clinic.
  • Complete disinfection of the entire treatment room and inventory after each patient

2. Security

    • Extensive triage on the phone and an accurate medical history is now all the more important
    • The patient can be given a hygiene mask to wear when entering the practice.
    • Each Patient is required to desinfect their hands by the desinfection stands before entering the clinic.
    • Patients are usually brought directly to the treatment room.
    • We do not shake hands. 
    • We are measuring the temperature by each of the patient before entering the clinic.
    • For protection reason, our staff wears all day long, hygiene masks.
    • Protection Screen at the reception.
    • We keep the required distance of 2 meters. Also in the waiting room.
    • Our dental staff work with FFP 2 masks, protective glasses, shields and of course gloves

3. General Informations

Due to the relaxation of the regulations in the field of dentistry decided by the Federal Council, the Association of Cantonal Dentists of Switzerland (VKZS) and the SSO Switzerland have jointly developed the required comprehensive protection concept. Since the 27. April 2020, Eram Dental Health Clinic offers again all kind of dentistry and dental hygiene treatments, following strictly all hygiene and security requirements by the FOPH. 

For more informations, please visit the Homepage from the Federeal Office of Public Health.


Thank you to all our Patients for trusting in Eram Dental Health Clinic.

We all are looking forward to welcome you again in our clinic.