In the so-called “aligner orthodontics”, ie correcting the misalignment of teeth with transparent plastic splints, teeth are not moved using brackets and metal arches, but rather using the restoring force of special, very thin splints that are placed over the teeth like a second skin . A very large number of our adult patients choose this form of tooth position correction because, compared to classic orthodontics with brackets and arches, it is almost not visible that the patient is currently undergoing a tooth position correction.

With the help of almost invisible splints, we can often correct misaligned teeth even without a fixed brace. The rails are extremely comfortable and can be removed at any time.

The course of treatment with Invisalign

1. Before starting treatment

Before we do a digital 3D scan of your teeth for planning your tooth position correction with Invisalign ©, an examination for caries and tooth cleaning should have taken place within the last 3 months, otherwise you risk that the scan cannot be used for the planning.

2. Planning phase

In the first session we will then make a 3D scan of your teeth and some photos that are important for planning. For scans and photos there are costs of around CHF 200.-. You can view a simulation of your completed tooth position correction in the same session.

3. Discussion of treatment - The ClinCheck

The completed planning proposal – called ClinCheck – will then be viewed with you about 1 week after the scan together with your dentist and the desired changes discussed. The Invisalign © splints are only manufactured when you are satisfied with the result. During this session, the duration of treatment is discussed based on the exact number of splints.

4. The first session

The initial session of Invisalign © therapy lasts about 2 hours. First, fine melt reductions are carried out at relevant narrow points and polished. This is followed by attaching / gluing the attachments, which temporarily remain on the tooth surface until the end of the tooth position correction in order to accelerate the tooth movement or to enable it.

Invisalign is the revolution in tooth
position correction.

  • little visible
  • gentle on teeth
  • removable
  • the alternative for adults