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Eram Dental Health Clinic offers you orthodontic treatments for children and adults.

With more than 8,000 documented treatments, Eram Dental Health Clinic is the Swiss leader in orthodontic treatments. The know-how of our specialists is in
demand at various conferences worldwide .

Thanks to our specialists in orthodontics, our patients can benefit from enormous specialist knowledge. We offer our patients various orthodontic treatments such as: traditional metal & ceramic brackets, invisalign, lingual and deamon systems.

Your benefits of orthodontic treatment

Nice and sympathetic smile.

  • Improves the tooth and chewing function.
  • Efficient and sustainable tooth correction.
  • Developed for maximum comfort of your teeth

A tooth correction should not be a financial obstacle. We offer fair installment payments.

Orthodontics for children

Detachable devices: These can be placed on one or two arches and aim at the correct development of the child’s jawbones.

Brackets: Metal brackets are usually used when the teeth are crowded or to make room for new teeth to develop properly.

Orthodontics for adults

Metal & Ceramic brackets – whether made of metal or ceramic – is also very efficient for adult patients. Generally, fixed braces are used for all corrections of misaligned teeth as soon as the permanent teeth are broken. Also in adults a correction of malocclusions by fixed braces is possible. Fixed braces consist of brackets, bands and bows. Therefore, they are also referred to as multi-band or multi-bracket equipment. Brackets are small holding bars or holding plates that are attached to the tooth surfaces with special adhesives. The thin bands of metal are usually attached to the back teeth. In the tapes and brackets then wire bends are fitted. The tension of the archwires is transferred to the brackets which exert on each individual tooth the respectively desired, continuous tension or pressure. Since the information about the respective desired effect in the structure of the respective bracket itself is, such brackets are also called “programmed brackets”. Depending on the treatment phase, different materials and diameters are used for. A more aesthetically appealing variant are transparent ceramic brackets, which are noticeably less noticeable. Invisalign Invisalign is an almost invisible tooth correction solution for a nicer smile. The Invisalign aligners are virtually completely transparent. You probably do not even notice that you are wearing this almost invisible braces. Invisalign integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle without affecting your daily interactions with others. Invisalign aligners are removable. In contrast to fixed metal dental braces, you can eat and drink even during treatment: simply remove the aligners. Plus, you can floss out the brush and dental care aligners so you can maintain your good oral hygiene. Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional fixed braces, there are no metal wires or brackets that could cause irritation in the mouth. This also means that, in most cases, you will spend less time adjusting your practitioner’s practice. Last but not least, with Invisalign you have the opportunity to view the desired results and the treatment plan before the start of treatment. So you know from the outset how your straightened teeth will look after the completion of the treatment as expected. Incognito Lingual System Eram Dental Health Clinic offers an innovative Incognito Lingual concept that fixes the braces to the inside of the teeth and makes them completely invisible. Such a solution, also referred to as lingual braces, also makes it possible to visualize the progress of treatment for our patients and from the beginning, because the tooth correction is no longer obscured by interfering metal parts. As this brace is worn behind the teeth, it is the dental correction tool of choice for anyone who can not reconcile with the aesthetics of a traditional visible or transparent model. Even if the braces are transparent, they will still be worn on the outer side of the teeth, making them visible to interlocutors. Such a brace – invisible, since it is concealed from the outset on the inner side of the tooth – does not even come into view and is the aesthetic solution here. The amazingly flat design of the bracket-mounted brackets also contributes to the comfortable treatment experience. These are individually adapted to the inside of the teeth and are flat enough to not interfere with the speech – a discrete solution that is also possible for anyone who by profession in public. Damon system The Damon System is not just revolutionary braces and wires, it is a whole new orthodontic treatment offered by Eram Dental Helth Clinic to its patients. With conventional treatment, healthy teeth often have to be pulled and / or palatal expander used to make room. These methods are often uncomfortable, take longer, may create a shorter arch and a flatter profile. Using low biological-sensitive forces, the Damon System provides a natural 10-tooth smile and improves the overall facial aesthetics of the patient. Lightweight, high-tech shape memory wires align the teeth faster and need less adjustment. Thanks to our years of experience in orthodontics, we at Eram Dental Health Clinic can offer all orthodontic treatments for children, adolescents and adults. We are happy to take your appointment request at +41/44 222 21 11.

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