Aesthetic In Perfection

A Smile Makeover by Eram

A smile makeover can completely change and strengthen your self-confidence and your appearance.

Eram Dental Health Clinic is the absolute market leader in the field of aesthetic reconstruction of your teeth. Eram Dental Health Clinic ensures a unique and individual smile that our patients can be proud of for a lifetime.

Many patients are dissatisfied with their smile. Whether the color, the shape, or the alignment of the teeth, in the Eram Dental dental practice we help our patients to improve their appearance and smile, which they have always wanted.

Your benefits of a smile make over at Eram Dental Health Clinic.

    • Our smile makeover experts taking their time to discuss your concerns detailed.
    • We can re-design your smile and will support you to choose the perfect aesthetic dental treatment.
    • Our dentists are highly educated and experienced in aesthetic dentistry.
    • Our own dental technician full-fills all wishes from our patients to guarantee your individual Art Work Smile.
    • You can attend an initial consultation without any obligation to proceed to treatment.

Our cosmetic dentistry services are designed to retain the uniqueness of your smile whilst improving the appearance of your teeth. We will advise which procedures can rejuvenate your teeth and create an individualised treatment plan to suit your dental needs and meet your aspirations.

We offer our patients the following solutions for cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening, whitening: to remove discoloration of your teeth.

Veneers: to completely change the appearance of your teeth according to your ideas and wishes.

White fillings: very efficient treatment for minor tooth corrections.

Orthodontic tooth correction: to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Let us help you achieve your smile goals! Cosmetic dentistry is different from general
dental care; it is both an art and science. Using cutting-edge techniques and advanced
materials, Eram Dental Health Clinic proudly offers you a beautiful, natural smile and all the benefits that
come with it.

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