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White Fillings

Smallest corrections with high-tech composite fillings Compared to amalgam, composite is an aesthetic, tooth-colored material. Amalgam fillings contain mercury – a reason for us not to offer them to make you smile healthy and beautiful. Another advantage is that composite can be used regardless of the shape of the defect. This means that in order to treat a tooth defect with a composite filling, the tooth does not have to be ground to a specific shape. This protects a maximum of tooth substance. Accordingly, even very small defects can be filled with composite without having to enlarge them. With composite, the defect is remodeled in several layers by our dentists by hand. Finally, a polish follows to obtain a smooth, non-porous surface. Treatment is usually completed in one session. The filling can be loaded immediately. Book your appointment here or simply call us on +41/44 222 21 11.